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    Original Italian Pizza, located at 1005 W Main St, Bridgeport, West Virginia, 26330, is undoubtedly the most popular Italian restaurant in Bridgeport, known for its best Italian pizza and other authentic dishes. It doesn't matter what you want - to sit at a table in good company, or just have a quick snack on the way, this establishment is just for you.
    At Bridgeport Original Italian Pizza, everyone can satisfy their cravings. Here you can order conveniently packaged delicious food for your trip. There are a variety of dishes to choose from - from hearty pasta to classic pizza, such as "Margarita" or others. The cozy area provides a warm and cozy atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant dinner or a hearty lunch. This restaurant is ideal for both single and family vacations.
    You can also order food with delivery. After all, Original Italian Pizza Bridgeport has its own catering. It is very convenient for a quick order to the office, or just for celebrating with a fun company. If you love Italian food, and especially delicious Italian pizza, be sure to visit "Original Italian Pizza of Bridgeport" and you will be 110% satisfied.
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Italian Restaurant
Italian Restaurant

Original Italian Pizza of Bridgeport serves the best food in the best Italian tradition. Taste a delicious Italian pizza from our chef or try our calzones or fresh salads. Perhaps you are interested in an unusual square pizza? You'll find it in Bridgeport, West Virginia.


Pizza is an integral part of any Italian restaurant. It would be a mistake not to have it on your menu. We have a wonderful pizza that will keep you coming back again and again to get another juicy slice.

Calzone and Strombolis

As the Italians say, it's not just pizza. An integral part of our menu is the delicious Calzone and Strombolis. Try your own Calzone and Strombolis is our way next time you're in Bridgeport, WV.

Takeout pizza

We wouldn’t be an Italian restaurant without giving you the convenience of food to takeout. Have your meal where you want it, even if that’s not at Original Italian Pizza Bridgeport, WV location!

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927 W. Main St
Bridgeport, WV 26330

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